A Night at Taichung Classy Themed Hotel - Uher Luxury Resort & Hotel (雲河概念旅館)

A lot of travelers have visited Taipei as their first trip to Taiwan, and Taichung as their second trip. Whether you are here at Taiwan for the first or second, Taichung is definitely a city you should never miss!

In contrast with Taipei, the living in Taichung is slightly cheaper yet in extraordinary quality. Today, we’ve got a hidden gem to tell ya, a classy themed hotel in the heart of Taichung city with modernly and elegantly designed and friendly priced— Uher Luxury Resort & Hotel (雲河概念旅館)!!

uher cover.jpg

From the city to Uher Luxury Resort & Hotel is relatively and easily approachable. A bus stop is only 4-5 min of walking distance! Therefore getting in and out of the city is never a problem! As we arrive at the hotel, we were greeted with really friendly staff whom assisted us in checking in. The check-in procedure is fast and easy, and the staff also introduced some of the facilities of the hotel to us, including the sky garden, gym, and along with the dining hall. 

Finally, we got our key card!! Time to check out our fancy room! hehee 😎😎

We got the SKY LIGHT room, with the price of 5280 NTD!

💁💁 Click here for direct booking!

Our room is at the second floor, as we opened the door to our room!!

OMGGGGG, guess what’s in sight!??! A pool glittering right in front of our eyes 😍😍

The best part is that it’s our private pool! Did you hear it? OUR PRIVATE POOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!

After being fascinated by the pool, we finally get “into” the room. And TADAAAAA, another surprise… a karaoke room!

A PRIVATE karaoke room to be precise!

Although most of the songs are in Chinese but they also got some classic English songs! :)


Other than that, the bar is also complimentary!!!!

Free snacks, drinks, and instant noodles!

Living a heavenly life here totally!

Final finally, we are into the room! The room is elegantly designed with a modern and classy color scheme!

The room is spacious and clean. It has a woody atmosphere because of the wall but the atmosphere is relaxing, and you can even play with the lightings or put some music on! #romanticmuch ❤️❤️


Play with the lights

Add a lil’ music if you will ;)

After checking out the fancy pool, karaoke, bedroom… last but not least the bathroom!

You might be wondering what’s so special about the bathroom right? Well, well… the bathroom is legit!!! 😘😘

There’s the sauna, pool, shower room, toilet… everything you need to get yourself sparkling CLEAN and RELAXED! 💕

All the cleaning kit is also provided, basically you’re worry-free!

After a good night sleep, we’re up for breakfast ;)

The breakfast is buffet style, with various options that you can choose from!

We personally really like how the hotel has a really good mix between the western and eastern cuisine, which allows us to check out all the goodies ;)


All in all, we highly recommend Uher Luxury Resort & Hotel with the price and the room offered… seriously a heavenly deal!!!!!

If you are planning to visit Taichung, definitely consider choosing Uher Luxury Resort & Hotel!

We hope you have a nice trip in Taichung, until then CYA! Stay tuned ;)