O'Sulloc Tea Garden Travel Blog: Let's Get Lost in a Field of Green (GREANYDUOXKLOOK)

jenny and tina taking photo in the middle of ไร่ชาเขียว O'sulloc เกาะเชจู 

Anneonghaseyo! Welcome back to our blogs about Jeju Island again!!! 🍃🍃

Well... this time we're gonna be the two chubby tea-caterpillars lost in the green, green field in Jeju Island's O'Sulloc Tea Garden!!🐛🐛


O'Sulloc Tea Garden is one of the spot included in Klook's JEJU WEST TOUR

This tea garden is the largest tea garden in Korea!! Be hyped up for all the emerald teas in this garden!

To be honest, we were kinda surprised how the tea garden is publicly opened for all to hop in and take some cool photos!


It was said that originally, this massive field was occupied for other crops and plantings, however... due to the hard soil and plentiful rocks the crops weren't growing fully... SO... a big change of plan, tea was introduced as the new resident of this field kingdom!!

We were super duper lucky to be at this tea garden under the bright sun! The tea field looks extra green and shiny under the thousand grams of sunshineeeeee 🌞🌞


Secret Tips for PhotoShoots:

1. Sink yourself into this green wave of tea

It's alrighty if you're a little chubby like us, the tea garden will welcome you with open arms HAHAHAHAHA


2. Stand tall beside the the ONLY TREE

This is the only tree planted majestically in the middle of the field! Keep ya head up high and stand tall beside this big guy! 🌳



Don't worry if you don't have a professional photographer as your trip buddy, just put your camera on self-timer, set it on the surface of the tea shrub and start posing!! 🌱🌱


4. Casual dress-up ((PS. WHITE looks dazzling!

White is the perfect match for this field of green! It gives the photo a natural, clean, minimalistic look! ;)


5. Smile big like the sun!

Keep your sunshine smiles readehh!!!


Other than the big greeen field, make sure to hit up the O'sulloc Tea Museum (오설록 티뮤지엄) to know more about the cool tea stories and get broke with the awesome tea products HAHAHAHA


Well, that's pretty much it about this O'sulloc Tea Garden!

Make sure to visit this place when you're around Jeju Island!! 🐛🐛


*SMART TIPS: Traveling Around Jeju Island*

To be honest, the transportation isn't that convenient compared to Seoul... we would highly suggest you Klook's JEJU WEST TOUR, because the big bus takes you to all the awesome places around Jeju Island, all you gotta do is hopping on and off the bus without worrying about getting lost! 


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