Hyeopjae Beach Travel Blog: Jeju or California?! (GREANYDUOXKLOOK)

Things To Do in Hyeopjae Beach

Anneonghaseyo~ Here we are at Jeju Island's Hyeopjae Beach (협재해수욕장) !!!!

What..... wait... um.... I thought we're at Cali's Venice Beach?! 😱😱

Well, we can't be dropped off at the wrong place with Klook's JEJU WEST TOUR right? 

Aite, aite... with Klook, it can never goes wrong! HELLOOOOO from Jeju's Hyeopjae Beach! :D


Hyeopjae Beach

협 재 해 수 욕 장

The moment as we hopped off from our tour bus... 🚎

We were welcomed by Hyeopjae Beach's salty sea breeze...

Everything was so refreshing with the salty air, sandy beach, and sunny weather (whoaa... alliteration used.... making our literature teacher proud LOL🤓)! 


Hyeopjae Beach is famous of its white, sandy beach! 

It was said that the white color of this mesmerizing beach was a beautiful mixture of crushed seashells and sands... Dear our beloved toes, are ya'all ready to get sandy yet? 😎😎 


Hello Sunshine

ima sea-monster LOL

One of the coolest things about this beach is that it kinda has these stretching rocks into the sea...

Where you could basically walk on it and get some photo shots... 🌊

But make sure you have a good grasp of your hair, or else the wind would dance its way through and leaving you with a sea-monster kinda hairstyle like me... nooooooo hahaha

BUT despise the sea-monster kinda look on my face, everything else was perfect and right on point! 

Top 5 Things to do in Hyeopjae Beach:

1. Walk on the stretching sea rocks


2. Strike some "seateresting" pose!


3. Says hello to Jeju's Dol Hareubang!  


4. Modeling on the streets


5. Relax and unwind

Alrighty, that's all we got for Hyeopjae Beach! Please do get yourself, drag yourself, fly yourself... do whatever to yourself (jks😜😜) to be there at the beach! A worthwhile, sea-view guaranteed! 🤙🤙

Last but not least, STAY TUNED for more travel reviews on Jeju Island, Busan, and Seoul!!!!!!

Until next time! :D :D


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