Hallim Park Travel Blog: InstaFairies Wannabe (GREANYDUOXKLOOK)



Today we're heading to Jeju Island's Hallim Park!!! 🌳🌳

Well, guess we're tryna be the Instafairies of the day? LOL


Hallim Park is one of the must-goes in Jeju Island! We decided to join Klook's JEJU West Tour because Hallim Park is included within the package and along with other fancy places! What can we say, it's probably the most convenient way of hitting the best places outta Jeju Island in one day without worry about all the fussy directions toward each spot! 


Get ready for some cool, fresh air in Hallim Park, as the park itself's a bit elevated! 

Time for some lung detox, LOL! 😂😂

One of the most coolest things about Hallim Park is its "Seasonal Flower Festival"! In easy words, you can drop by Hallim Park in four different seasons and never get bored! WHY?! Because the flower changes along with the season!

For this time of the year (June-July), it's the season of Hydrangea! 

Let's get lost in this field of pastel pinkish, violet, blue-ish pompom kinda flowers!

We're so caught up with the beauty of the blooming Hydrangea fields! 🦄🦄

Look at all these pretty photos that we took! Don't we look just like a pair of fairies lost in this field of pretty flowers taking some photos for Insta?! ((just kidding... we're probably too much of a clown to be a fairy LOL


All these blooming Hydrangea are so lovely, we probably took around 500 photos or more LOL


5 TIPS of Photo-Taking

In the Blooming Hydrangea Fields:

1. ANTM Fashionista/Swag Face


Imagine yourself as the presenter of the annual Hydrangea Catwalk Fashion Show! Pull on your most fashionista/swaggish face eva, sis! xD


2. Make use of some artsy/cutesy props

A pair sunglasses is always a photoshoot's bestie! ;)


3. Pull yourself inside the blooming Hydrangea


4. Make some cutesy Korean-wannabe poses HAHA


Trust me, it took a lotta trials to pull on these Korean-wannabe poses LOL! But yea, please bear with my chubby face HAHA!


5. Make a "OPPA, WHERE ARE YOU" Kinda Pose



#greanyduoxjeju #greanyduoxklook

Well, it's actually faster to imagine an imaginary OPPA beside, than to actually hunt for one LOL


That's pretty much all we've got for this pretty field of blossoming Hydrangea! 

Are you ready to join our Instafairies company? LOL HAHAHA

Stay tuned for more travel blogs and reviews for Jeju Island, Busan, and Seoul! ;) 


Smart Tips for traveling in Jeju:

To be honest, traveling around Jeju ain't that convenient compared to Seoul, we would highly recommend joining a one-day tour with Klook, for such, like JEJU WEST TOUR. It saves up a lotta time with a guarantee that you'll definitely hit up all the goodies in Jeju!


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