Sanbang Cruise Travel Blog: Jeju's Mt. Sanbang & Songak (GREANYDUOXKLOOK)

Jeju's Sanbang Cruise

Did you see the line where the skies meet the sea? So beautifully connected...

Well... here we are with Klook's JEJU West Tour... currently sailing on Sangbang Mountain Cruise to see the grand Mt. Sanbang and Mt. Songak! ⛰⛰


The whole sailing journey takes about an hour or so, but the scenic memories that you'll get last forever 💘💘 ((omg... since when did we become so sappy? 😂😂

Aite, aite! With all that being said, here we go hopping on the cruise! The cruise has two parts, the interior and the exterior... ⛴

No doubts, we're definitely out in the exterior for some scenic shots!

Along the whole one-hour of sailing, the cruise crews were introducing each scenic rocks/islands... It was kinda sad that we don't understand any Korean... BUT the cruise crews are super friendly, they would literally point to scenic rocks, so the touristy Greanyduo doesn't miss out any of the highlights 😍😍


The whole sailing trip was actually really, really scenic! The majestic rocks upon the rippling waves, clear skies, salty air...

So phenomenal that we felt like diving right into the blues... but we would probably get arrested if we do so 😏😏 HAHAHA

It's alrighty, we'll still capture these pretty moments via our lens 📷


Sanbang Cruise



What to Expect:

  • Sanbang Cruise: To be honest... don't picture the cruise as a 5-stars fancy shamsy kinda! The cruise isn't super luxurious BUT it's safe, clean, and relatively big... most importantly it does take you to all those priceless, treasurable views of Mt. Sanbang! Well, I guess that's what matters, right? 😄😄
  • Scenic Views: Throughout the journey you would be blown away by the scenic rocks/island/mountain views along with the blues of the ocean! It's not lika beach style kinda scene, it's something more grand and majestic!🌊🌊
  • Photo Time: Well, you basically aren't allowed to jump down into the water and swim like a mermaid, so... there's no need for a set of hot bikinis, get dressed with some cool/classy/relaxed kinda outfits along with some vacay props **sunglasses are your besties 😎😎!!

Well... I guess that's pretty much for today! Anyways, if you like our blogs, stay tuned for more!!! Cuz we got more travel reviews on Jeju Island, Busan, and Seoul coming up reallllllll sooooooooooon! 

Until next time!!!! 🤙🤙

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