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After every storm comes a rainbow.

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Hong Kong has always been a superb busy city with tall buildings. Well, in the storm of such "busy-ness", there's a building that you definitely can't miss... the Choi Hung Estate!! 

Choi Hung Estate (彩虹邨) was built in the 1964, which was long built before our births LOL! 

The word, "CHOI HUNG" means "rainbow", hence the colors of the buildings.

So, what's so special about this old, housing estate? Let us give you three reasons why you should come all the way through for Choi Hung Estate!


What's So Special:

1. The estate is painted in rainbow colors! Fancy, shamsy, good for ya eyes YEEE! (ooh, it rhymes! xD)

2. Hot pick for Instagrams! Get your cam ready for some urban/chic/street style photos!

3. Play some basketballs? Well, there's a big basketball court for ya! But most tourists are on it for photos instead of balling. But... you could be the one of a kinda tourist :P


TIPs For Striking Poses:

1. Sit & Shine
Weird dimples under vanishing eyes LOL #tina

Weird dimples under vanishing eyes LOL #tina

2. Jump & Joy
Shampoo advertising kinda? XD #jenny

Shampoo advertising kinda? XD #jenny

3. Stand & Smile
4. Chair & Charm


How to Dress:

We decided to rocked up with a street-style kinda outfits... with jeans/whites/blacks in order to create a chic, modern kinda look.

Well, mainly because the building itself's already very colorful... it would be kinda a lil' too much to be in fancy, colorful clothes... But if you wanted to be a little extra... take the challenge! :P


How to Get There:

Take the MTR to Choi Hung Station via Kwun Tong line, hop off at Exits C3 or C4!



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