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เกรียนนี่ดูโอ้ | 泰國小姊姊

Two Thai-Taiwanese lifestyle bloggers driven by the wanderlust to eat, shop, and travel around the world.
Our blogs, gallery, and videos, would highlight all the great food and local traveling spots!

Check it out in your preferable languages: English, Thai, and Chinese. 
Enjoy our silly, light-hearted diary, and follow our journey to the extraordinary adventures! :)


1. Where are we born & raised?

Thailand aka "Land Of Smile" (:

2. What nationality do we hold?

Fluent in English, Thai, Chinese, Hokkien

3. Describe the relationship between us.

We are twinsy besties, a duo that are always down to good food and adventures!

4. Why are you guys called "Greanyduo?"

We're very GREAN (#implike in Thai) and we're a duo. BOOOM,  Greanyduo is the magic word!

5. What do we love to do?

Eat, travel, shop, adventures. Fun stuff, you name it! :D

6. Our travel bucket list?

Turkey, Greece, India, Europe, Maldives, South Africa, and many more :D

7. Are we single?

Seems like we ate too much and scared all the cute, sunshine guys away :(  **oops**

8. How old are we?

Since 1995 & 1996!
Take a guess of who's older :P

9. Why subscribe to greanyduo?

So you will not miss all the exotic travel destinations, delicious food, and local shopping places. You can also learn Mandarin and Thai from us too! Most importantly, so you will enjoy little laughters here and there with our lame jokes and clumsy moments